The Penguin Team

Susan -- Owner 

Event Contact

Susan bought the Penguin Bookshop in 2014 after a long career in book publishing, and moved the shop to its current location at 417 Beaver Street.  Susan began her publishing career in the editorial department at Viking Penguin (penguins again!) and is excited to now hold the esteemed Penguin Bookshop in her loving hands.

[A special note to writers from Susan: I am often asked if I will review or edit a manuscript.  Though I still consider myself an editor, I simply do not have the time to do freelance editing work.  Running a bookstore is a full-time job (and then some!) but there are many talented and experienced freelance editors out there who would love to help you.]

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Lisa - Bookseller

Lisa moved with her husband and family to Sewickley from New Jersey in 2006.  Originally from California, she grew up overseas and has traveled extensively.  Continuing to learn about other places and cultures is one of the reasons she loves reading, and, being a recent empty-nester, she is very excited to be spending her free time surrounded by all of the great books and people at the Penguin. If she had to choose a favorite book genre, it would probably be fiction, but biographies and history rank highly too!​

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Stef- Storytime Guru

Stefanie has lived in Pittsburgh for almost eleven years. She has five children and is working on a Masters of Education with an emphasis in children’s literature through Penn State. In her spare time, she likes to write for children. Stefanie has always dreamed of working in a bookstore and is excited to share her love of books with children in community during weekly Storytime. With such limited time, sometimes it feels like all Stefanie reads is picture books, but she also enjoys middle grade, young adult, and classics.

Bobbi- Bookseller

Bobbi  has lived in Sewickley with her husband and two sons for ten years. Her hobbies include oil painting, cooking, watching her sons' baseball games, rescuing animals (she has two cats and two dogs) and, of course, reading! She loves to mix it up with everything from 20th Century literary classics to current legal thrillers and is usually reading at least three books at once.


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Kim -- Community Outreach

Kim previously worked as Marketing Team Leader for 12 years at Whole Foods in the East Liberty location.  While there, she created the first urban garden in the region, setting the standard for all others stores to follow suit.  In addition, she developed relationships with local artists and organizations to erect two murals on their building as well as other locations throughout the East End.  Her launch of the Summer Dinner Series program with local chefs was the first of its kind in the region.

Prior to Whole Foods Market, Kim worked as the East End Main Street Manager serving 5 neighborhoods on the East End of Pittsburgh.  She worked with the community to develop much needed programming and events throughout the five business districts.  

Leila- Student Bookseller

Hello! I'm Leila, a current senior at Sewickley Academy. I grew up visiting Sewickley with my family and friends, and Penguin Bookshop was always a stop on our ventures into the village. For fun, I enjoy reading all genres, but I especially love realistic fiction so I can connect with the characters in the stories.


Meaghan- Bookseller

Meaghan was born and raised in Sewickley. She enjoys reading fiction, murder mysteries, sci-fi, and fantasy, especially in the Young Adult genre. She also loves writing YA stories and is always working on new novel ideas. Her favorite authors include J. K. Rowling, Elizabeth Peters, Anne McCaffery, Rick Riordan, and Jane Austen. 

Kenna- Student Bookseller

Kenna moved to Sewickley when she was 12 and the first thing she did after moving in was apply to Penguin. Now as a senior at Quaker Valley High School she loves to read just about anything but some of her favorites are classic retellings, sci-fi, fantasy, and murder mysteries. YA is her favorite section to browse and she loves giving recommendations.


Marianna- Bookseller


Marianna is a twenty-year veteran educator in the Montour public school system.  She is currently the kindergarten through 4th grade librarian.  "I love teaching young children about how reading can inspire them through the words and experiences of great authors."