The Penguin Team


Susan, Owner

Susan bought the Penguin Bookshop in 2014 after a long career in book publishing, and moved the shop to its current location at 417 Beaver Street.  Susan began her publishing career in the editorial department at Viking Penguin (penguins again!) and is excited to now hold the esteemed Penguin Bookshop in her loving hands.


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Mary, Manager

Mary has been part of the Penguin Bookshop since 2008.  Reading and hiking are Mary's two biggest passions, so books about science and nature are some of her favorites.  You will also find her reading literary fiction, history, cookbooks, and children's picture books.

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Bobbi, Bookseller

Bobbi is a passionate and avid reader.  She loves to mix it up with everything from 20th Century literary classics to current legal thrillers and is usually reading at least three books at once.

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Marianna, Bookseller

Marianna is a twenty-year veteran educator in the Montour public school system.  She is currently the kindergarten through 4th grade librarian.  "I love teaching young children about how reading can inspire them through the words and experiences of great authors."

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