Penguin Bookshop Writers Series & Penguin Bookshop Young Writers Series

The Penguin Bookshop Writers Series (PBWS) presents authors and publishing professionals who discuss aspects of both the art and the business of writing. The formats range from hands-on workshops to lectures and panel discussions. The goal of PBWS is to unite published writers with aspiring writers, aspiring writers with publishing professionals, and curious readers interested in the author's craft with professional writers.

The Penguin Bookshop Young Writers Series (PBYWS) focuses on young readers and writers. Authors and publishing professionals present programs aimed at teen, middle grade, and children's audiences. 

Since its inception in 2015, PBWS and PBYWS has presented over 50 writers and publishing professionals on a myriad of topics.  Below is a sampling...

Past PBWS Participants:

Andy Kifer, March 31st, 2016: AGENT NIGHT

Brian Castner, March 10th, 2016:  WRITING ABOUT WAR

March 3rd, 2016:  Susan Perabo, "The Art of the Short Story"

Lawrence Connolly, April 27th, 2016: FROM PAGE TO SCREEN

May 14, 2015: Kristin Bair O'Keeffe, Writerhead workshop

June 25, 2015: Jessica Merchant, From Blog to Book workshop

July 23, 2015: Jonathan Auxier, Masting the Art of Middle Grade Fiction workshop

August 27, 2015: Jennifer Steil, Fact to Fiction: Using a Journalist's Eye to Bring Your Story to Life workshop

September 16, 2015: Caroline Carlson, Intrepid Heroes and Vile Villains workshop (PBYWS)

September 23, 2015: Rachel Ekstrom, Irene Goodman, & Danielle Chiotti, Agent Night workshop

October 21, 2015: Joshua David Bellin, "Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Creatures"

October 29th, 2015:  Nick Courage, "Creating Your Own Superhero!" (PBYWS)

November 12, 2015:   Chloe Barlow, "From Martin Luther to E.L. James: What Self-Publishing is and What it Really Means--Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow