Our Mission





To serve with excellence both our individual customers as well as our community by providing a high quality selection of books and authors and outstanding customer service. We donate to and support our local Y, library, and numerous other organizations including First Book and Safe Passage in Guatemala.


To continually educate ourselves and our community about current issues involving bookselling and shopping locally, as well as current books through author events, outreach and by what we have on our shelves.  


We commit to running our business in a thoughtful way, making decisions based on our demographics and customer base, so that we remain self-supporting.  We are also committed to the health of our planet, and do our best to be environmentally conscientious.  Our goal is for the Penguin Bookshop to be here for future generations.


We celebrate a diversity of voices and commit ourselves to inclusion through our curated selection of high-quality books, published by the pre-eminent publishers in the world and publisher-sponsored author events.