Local Author Elizabeth Cook, REFLECTIVE AWARENESS

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Are you so worn out from taking care of everyone else that you've forgotten how to take care of yourself?

We each have multiple, all-consuming roles in life: hard worker, parent, significant other, friend, social organizer. It can seem that different people want parts of you at any time of the day, sometimes simultaneously-these demands can be endless. In the midst of trying to meet all of these needs, you can quickly become overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, or exhausted.

If you are exhausted from being stretched too thin for too long, discover how Reflective Awareness offers you hope for taking control of your life, beginning with changing yourself. A new outlook and positive habits will empower you to transform your life and experience the full,
successful living you’ve longed for. It’s possible!

About the Author: Elizabeth Cook is a mother of six, wife, electrical engineering PhD student, full-time leader at an electric utility, a partner in a family business, author, life coach, and avid book reader. Elizabeth is deeply dedicated to empowering people to live their fullest life. With her approach to her and her family’s health, she believes it is essential to care for your entire self and make intentional choices about what goes into, onto, and around your body while continuously checking on your mindset.From her childhood upbringing, passion for books, and professional training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she studied a variety of theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods, she creates actionable road maps to move people toward their ideal visions of holistic health (emotional, physical, and spiritual).Elizabeth has a unique ability to challenge herself continuously with limited fear and enjoys creating environments of growth for those around her. Her company, Integrated Being, LLC, exists to provide people with the tools to make positive and lasting change in their lives.When Elizabeth is not writing or creating space, you can find her scrambling to get the kids in the car for an adventure in the outdoors, enjoying a dark roast coffee on her front porch, or sitting still on her mat.

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ISBN: 9781945793820
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Published: Speak It to Book - December 4th, 2019

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