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Handy Book for the Aid and Instruction of the Enlisted Men in the Engineer Department, United States Navy By Bruce Richardson Ware Cover Image
Locomotive Dictionary: An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms Which Designate American Railroad Locomotives Their Parts Attachments and Details o By George Little Fowler Cover Image
Motor Cars and the Application of Mechanical Power to Road Vehicles By Rhys Jenkins Cover Image
Records of Steam Boiler Explosions By Edward Bindon Marten Cover Image
Triple & Quadruple Expansion Engines & Boilers and Their Management By Alexander Ritchie Leask Cover Image
A Treatise On the Steam-Engine in Its Various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture: With Theoretical Investigatio By John Bourne Cover Image
Auto Data Book By Edwin Hess Cover Image
Automobile Repairshop Short-Cuts: Over 1500 Time and Labor-Saving Kinks, Methods and Devices, From More Than 1000 of the Best Garages, Service Station By Motor World Cover Image
Water-Tube Boilers: Based on a Short Course of Lectures Delivered at University College, London By Leslie Stephen Robertson Cover Image
Designing Heating and Ventilating Systems: The Practical Application of the Engineering Rules and Formulas in Every Day Use, in Laying Out Steam, Hot By Charles Arthur Fuller Cover Image
Motor-Cycle Principles and the Light Car: With Explanations of the Construction and Operation of Those Parts of Motor Cycles, Cycle Cars and the Ford By Roger Bradbury Whitman Cover Image
Steam Yachts and Launches, Their Machinery and Manegement: A Review of the Steam Engine As Applied to Yachts; Laws Governing Yachts in American Waters By C. P. Kunhardt Cover Image