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Nine Months in the Quartermaster's Department, Or, the Chances for Making a Million. By Charles Leib Cover Image
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Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of America: Effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company During the Years 1836-39 By Thomas Simpson Cover Image
Recollections of Persons and Places in the West By Henry Marie Brackenridge Cover Image
New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud; Original Text, Edited, Corrected, Formulated and Translated in By Michael Levi Rodkinson Cover Image
Sir Edward Carson and the Ulster Movement By St John Greer Ervine Cover Image
Proportional Form: Futher Studies in the Science of Beauty, Being Supplemental to Those Set Forth in Nature's Harmonic Unity, By Samuel Colman Cover Image
Readings Upon the Liturgy and Other Divine Offices of the [catholic Apostolic] Church By John Bate Cardale Cover Image
History of Gardner, Massachusetts: From Its Earliest Settlement to 1860 By Lewis Glazier Cover Image
Memoir of the Life and Ministry of Mr. William Bramwell, Lately an Itinerant Methodist Preacher: With Extracts from His Interesting and Extensive Corr By James Sigston Cover Image
Opium-Smoking in America and China: A Study of Its Prevalence, and Effects, Immediate and Remote on the Individual and the Nation By Harry Hubbell Kane Cover Image
Social Scandinavia in the Viking Age By Mary Wilhelmine Williams Cover Image
On the Nature of Gothic Architecture: And Herein of the True Functions of the Workman in Art. Being the Greater Part of the 6th Chapter of the 2nd Vol By John Ruskin Cover Image