On Your Terms: Gender Transition Redefined for Adults (Paperback)

On Your Terms: Gender Transition Redefined for Adults By Natalia P. Zhikhareva Cover Image
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Can I tell you something? It's possible to live dysphoria free. To be seen. To no longer feel afraid. To look in the mirror and feel alive, free, confident...and not 20 years from now

Our culture teaches you to distrust yourself when it comes to your gender identity. To believe that the answers lie only within the binary of genders. Crippling you with self-doubt, insecurity, shame, and guilt. Hoping to eradicate your existence from this world, from your history. Robbing you of the ownership of your life script, your life story.

This is why so many have spent decades battling the internal dissonance they feel. Keeping their authentic selves hidden. Waking up each morning thinking, "If only..." as the battle in their heads continue. Existing on autopilot vs. living a joyful life. Experiencing fleeting glimpses of happiness only in secrecy.

This book will help to empower you to own who you are, even if you feel afraid. To reclaim yourself. To own your identity unapologetically. To heal and to grow.

This book will help you learn and understand:

  • What is gender dysphoria, what is gender identity, the main ways gender dysphoria manifests, the unpredictable nature of dysphoria, and the effects of dysphoria on your life.
  • Learn how to break the cycle of negative self-talk by reframing the stories you tell yourself, from "fear is a sign I will fail," to "my partner won't let me transition,"and many others.
  • Shift your perspective as I share the key factors you must consider taken from my 17+ years of working solely with transgender and nonbinary adults such as: how to trust yourself, how to be more confident, how to work through shame and guilt, and other important factors to aid you in your gender evolution
  • Take powerful steps to own who you are, whether you decide to go through a gender transition or not. Steps such as: setting boundaries, learning how to stop apologizing for who you are, owning your life script, and many more

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ISBN: 9798988006466
Publisher: Dr Z Consulting LLC.
Publication Date: March 25th, 2023
Pages: 132
Language: English