Sustainable Ambition 12-Month Workbook+Planner: Your Life+Work Resilience Rx (Paperback)

Sustainable Ambition 12-Month Workbook+Planner: Your Life+Work Resilience Rx By Kathy Oneto Cover Image
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Many of us juggle life+work and seek to find a rhythm that works for us not against us. You might be asking yourself, "How do I bring more sustainability to my life+work, because what I'm doing right now just isn't sustainable any more?" In today's modern world that demands too much of us, it's easy to understand how many of us get to this point-it's unsustainable, and we're bordering on burnout. Or you might be someone who is leading a full life+work and wants to know how to better manage your stretching activities while sustaining yourself.

And that's just it-we want to stretch ourselves and want to have ambitions, yet how can we do so while sustaining ourselves? That's where this workbook+planner come in.

We've all heard the call for work-life balance, but despite the barriers we all know exist, expecting our external world to magically produce balance is a false expectation. It is rare that we experience balance, and certainly not all of the time. It assumes we live in a static environment that allows us to always be in equilibrium, but that isn't today's modern, dynamic world.

So we champion: don't expect work-life balance-build life+work resilience instead.

With this workbook+planner, the intention is to foster the ability to dance in our dynamic world, learning how to both sustain and stretch ourselves.

How? By defining your own Life+Work Resilience Rx (prescription), creating a plan, practicing, and progressing over time.

Not only will it put you on a path towards more sustainability, you just might find that it helps you operate at your best, reach your full potential, and enjoy more life+work fulfillment.

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ISBN: 9798985309300
Publisher: Sustainable Ambition Press
Publication Date: January 31st, 2022
Pages: 194
Language: English