Japan 1945: Atomic Bomb Emperor Hirohito and Gen. MacArthur (Paperback)

Japan 1945: Atomic Bomb Emperor Hirohito and Gen. MacArthur By Marie Ueda Cover Image
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"Truth is Stranger than Fiction". Yes, indeed. This history book JAPAN 1945 is exactly described by hearsay 'truth is stranger than fiction. It all happened 77 years ago and generations of the 20th century are well familiar with - Second World War, Pacific War, Atomic-Bomb, Emperor Hirohito, and General Douglas MacArthur. In retrospect, however, how much do we know the real meaning of the latest great human conflicts on Earth? This book explores "bizarre twists and ironies" of the war events, which were never discovered by any historians or war researchers before. The author - who is a history investigator - fills "missing gaps" of both sides: the United States and Imperial Japan. When Pandora's box is opened, the world would be astonished at and surely astounded.

Examining Japan's historical experiences and religious conflict with the West, the author investigates why Japan did enter the wars with Imperial China and mighty Imperial Russia, and compiles why Japan did enter the war against the United States. The contents cover Japan's development of atomic-bomb projects, why did Japan refuse to surrender, the roots of Japanese imperialism, and why MacArthur did save the Emperor. She views that there are no winners or losers in tragedies of the war, and questions who did benefit out of the Second World War after all? The answer is no one, except 'warmongers', invisible entities who instigated the war.

In addition, the author points out that since the usage of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, UFO sightings in the sky have drastically increased worldwide, particularly at military complex sites where nuclear arsenal weapon developments have been taking place. She claims the reason why the UFO phenomena occur on our planet is because of the postwar atomic age consequences. Covering all above the war occurring from the beginning to the end in a wide perspective, this book encompasses all in one volume, unlike many authors who write "compartmentalized history" of the war. In this regard, JAPAN 1945 is an outstanding and unique presentation.

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Publication Date: April 23rd, 2022
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