The Art of Dicing Microelectronic Substrates (Paperback)

The Art of Dicing Microelectronic Substrates By Gideon Levinson Cover Image


The book is a detailed review of how microelectronic substrates are diced and what type of dicing machines and dicing blades are used. A review of each application end product is covered in detail. The book covers all the important dicing saws technical accuracy specs to be monitored in order to meet the diced substrates quality specs. The other side of the review covers the dicing blades technologies of the different dicing blades matrices and geometries. The dicing blades review talks about the bond technology, the manufacturing processes of the different blade types, the quality control specs and how to monitor and measure them. The major applications used in the microelectronic industries are covered in detail. This section includes the dicing saw types, dicing parameters, mounting technics, coolant designs and others. The dicing blade options used per application are discussed in detail. Some unique and difficult applications require different singulation technologies which are also covered in this unique book. The dicing saws, the blade technology and the application review are covered with detailed sketches and photos.

About the Author

Gideon Levinson was the dicing blades R&D developer manager for Kulick & Soffa (K&S). The development took place in the US and then the project was transferred to K&S in Israel. Gideon was managing many new blade development technologies for new market demands. Gideon was for many years the product manager for the dicing blade lines aiming continuously to meet new market demands. He has vast experience in the marketplace, providing technical seminars worldwide. Gideon Has been granted for a few patents related to special blade geometries in the dicing blade manufacturing process and wrote technical articles on dicing which were published in leading Micro Electronic Magazines. He was also the Senior Product Specialist Manager for North America for 4 years handling many new market R&D projects. This activity resulted in high volume production lines involving many dicing saws. He later became the application center development manager for the dicing division in Kulick and Soffa Israel and later in Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT). Gideon is a Practical Mechanical Engineer with vast experience in precision grinding which was his basic background prior getting into the dicing business. Among his past achievements are precision manufacturing of linear slides, small bonding tools used in the microelectronic industry and leading the manufacturing processes design of complicated accurate mechanical manufacturing parts. On a privet level, Gideon main hobby for many years is woodworking in his machine shop where he makes wooden gear clocks, toys for his 7 grand kids and many other woodworking projects.
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ISBN: 9798350942262
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: March 30th, 2024
Pages: 300
Language: English