Nëpër faqet e historisë së klerit katolik (Paperback)

Nëpër faqet e historisë së klerit katolik By Klajd Kapinova Cover Image
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"In 'Through the Pages of the History of the Catholic Clergy, ' this book delves into a multitude of perspectives, revealing a Saint Mother Teresa who did not wear a burqa and was not Ottoman or Arab. It shows how Father Gjergj Fishta o.f.m. was a warm gospel of patriotism, even though the Albanians were between Western and Eastern Christianity. Here, it is told about the relocation of the fresco of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Genazzano, Italy; the unforgettable story of Father Anton Harapi O.F.M., martyr of religion and Albanianism; the story of the outstanding personality of little Don Anton K ira, the family ordeal, as well as his 51-year priestly contribution; the arrest, investigation, shooting, martyrdom, and beatification of the last Abbot of Mirdita, Monsignor Frano Gjin; Mons. dr. Zef Oroshi as the last student of Saverian College in the city of Shkodra; Americans are inspired by the life and work of Mother Teresa; a belated memorial for the friend and scholar of Catholic culture and clergy Kolec efa; the outstanding writer of the tradition and the geg school of northern Albania, Msgr. Zef Simoni Ipeshkev; the life and a look at the book of rhymes and poems "Flowers and Blood" by Don Gjergj Simon; two brilliant Albanian-American dissident intellectuals: Prof. Arshi Pipa and Msgr. dr. Zef Oroshi; a life intercepted in the Dossier of the communist dictatorship against mons. dr. Zef Oroshi; Saint Mother Teresa's eight leadership principles in a new book by American co-authors Ruma Bose & Lou Faust: "Mother Teresa CEO"; a perspective on the outstanding researcher and publicist Msgr. dr. Lush Gjergji, the most prominent biographer of Saint Mother Teresa, on the 50th anniversary of his profession; a candle of light on the 121st anniversary of the birth of the first Albanian Cardinal Mikel Koliq as the first in the history of Christianity among Albanians; the writings or Prefaces written by Ndri im Mlika and Dr. Fran Luli, for other historical books by the author of this book, Klajd Kapinova, etc."

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ISBN: 9798218330538
Publisher: Klajd Kapinova
Publication Date: December 4th, 2023
Pages: 594
Language: Albanian