Michelangelo at Midlife: Chasing the Tomb of Julius II (Paperback)

Michelangelo at Midlife: Chasing the Tomb of Julius II By Gene Openshaw Cover Image
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A traveler's quest for Michelangelo's most troubled work of art--the notorious Tomb of Pope Julius II.

"A delightful combination of art history and light drama." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Like a trip to Italy: edifying, informative, and unpredictable." -- BookLife Reviews

His artistic ambitions crumbling as fast as his marriage, Sam careens through Europe seeking inspiration in the great Michelangelo who, for all his success, struggled to complete what was to be his magnum opus. Sam teams up with an intriguing Italian woman who opens his eyes to the deeper meaning of the Tomb: how Michelangelo's grand ambitions got continually derailed. The result? A profound "midlife crisis."

Incredibly, Michelangelo at Midlife is the only non-academic book about the Tomb. Sam travels from Florence, where Michelangelo began the project, to the quarries of Carrara where he dreamed up a colossal 50-foot pyramid studded with David--sized statues. From Paris to Venice, the Sistine to Amsterdam, Sam chases the tangled 40-year tale of the Tomb.

The story takes on added life with 180 COLOR illustrations, including graphics of the Tomb's evolution. The author, Gene Openshaw, has also written numerous best-selling books and PBS TV shows with travel guru Rick Steves.

Michelangelo at Midlife culminates in Rome, where the parallel stories converge. Can Michelangelo--and Sam--navigate the choppy waters of middle age and realize their youthful dreams?

"This is an entertaining treat, especially for art lovers and wanderlust-afflicted travelers looking for a breezy read." -- Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9798218283537
Publisher: Miner of Light Press
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 328
Language: English