Germany in the World: A Global History, 1500-2000 (Compact Disc)

Germany in the World: A Global History, 1500-2000 By David Blackbourn, Peter Noble (Read by) Cover Image


Brilliantly conceived and majestically written, this monumental work of European history recasts the five-hundred-year history of Germany. With Germany in the World, award-winning historian David Blackbourn radically revises conventional narratives of German history, demonstrating the existence of a distinctly German presence in the world centuries before its unification--and revealing a national identity far more complicated than previously imagined. Blackbourn traces Germany's evolution from the loosely bound Holy Roman Empire of 1500 to a sprawling colonial power to a twenty-first-century beacon of democracy. Viewed through a global lens, familiar landmarks of German history--the Reformation, the Revolution of 1848, the Nazi regime--are transformed, while others are unearthed and explored, as Blackbourn reveals Germany's leading role in creating modern universities and its sinister involvement in slave-trade economies. A global history for a global age, Germany in the World is a bold and original account that upends the idea that a nation's history should be written as though it took place entirely within that nation's borders.
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ISBN: 9798212956062
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: October 24th, 2023
Language: English