I Hate You, Fuller James (MP3 CD)

I Hate You, Fuller James By James Fouhey (Read by), Carly Robins (Read by), Kelly Anne Blount Cover Image
By James Fouhey (Read by), Carly Robins (Read by), Kelly Anne Blount


I hate you, Fuller James. I hate your floppy hair and your lopsided grin and those laughing blue eyes that always seem to be laughing at me. I hate that you're the most popular guy in school and I'm still the girl who sneezed and spit out her retainer on someone at a middle school dance. It's just such a clich . I hate that I'm being forced to tutor you in English and keep it a secret from everyone. Because otherwise it might put our basketball team's chances at winning State in jeopardy, and even though I hate you, I love basketball. I hate that it seems like you're keeping a secret from me . . . and that the more time we spend together, the less I feel like I'm on solid ground. Because I'm starting to realize there's so much more to you than meets the eye. Underneath it all, you're real. But what I hate most is that I really don't hate you at all.
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ISBN: 9798200193400
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Language: English