If There Were No Shinkansen: High-Speed Rail Experience from Its Birth to Today in Japan (Hardcover)

If There Were No Shinkansen: High-Speed Rail Experience from Its Birth to Today in Japan By Shuichiro Yamanouchi, Tadamasa Nagai Cover Image
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This book is the first book written in English about the secret story of the birth of the Shinkansen in Japan and its subsequent developments. The author, Mr. Shuichiro Yamanouchi, a former chairman of East Japan Railway (JR East), addresses what the essence of Shinkansen technology is and how it could be achieved in such a short time. And the book, written based on his long experience in railway engineering and management, gives readers a bird's-eye view of the Japanese railway as a whole, and the technical philosophy of his great career behind it.

In this book, its whole picture is clarified, that is, the world's first 200 km/h running, dealing with troubles after the opening, and development of the 300 km/h commercial operation after that, including the failure stories encountered in the process. These gave a big stimulation to the development of other high-speed railways, and this book helps readers to learn about the accumulated experiences of Japanese high-speed railways that have not been revealed so far, such as railway safety, noise against the environment, railway privatization, harmonization of management and engineering, and so forth."

About the Author

Shuichiro Yamanouchi graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo in 1956 and then directly joined Japan National Railways. He worked as a director general in Tokyo North Railway Administration Bureau and Head Office Operation Bureau. And then as a managing director worked in Japan National Railways. In 1996, he was appointed to vice president in International Union of Railways (UIC). And in 2000, as a chairman, he work in National Space Development Agency of Japan.Tadamasa Nagai graduated from the Division of Mechanical engineering in Tohoku University and then joined Japan National Railways. He was working as a general manager at Train Control Center in Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen Operation Headquarters and at Operation Department in Sendai Railway Administration Bureau. And also he was a technical advisor at the Japan Railway Technical Service and Japan International Consultants Co.
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Publication Date: June 30th, 2024
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