Shefta ka Safarnama-e-Hijaz: (Hajj Travelogue) (Paperback)

Shefta ka Safarnama-e-Hijaz: (Hajj Travelogue) By Nawab Mustafa Khan Shefta Cover Image
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Nawab Mustafa Khan Shefta, a contemporary of Mirza Ghalib, was an Urdu poet and critic who lived from 1809 until 1869. He came from a well-known Bangash Hindustani Pathan landowning family. Shefta asked Momin for guidance, or islah, regarding his own Urdu poetry and Ghalib for counsel regarding Persian. He also wrote 'Gulshan-e-Be-khaar', or The Thornless Garden, an early collection of Urdu poetry. Beginning his Hajj journey in March 1839, Shefta wrote this travelogue once he returned.

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ISBN: 9789358726459
ISBN-10: 9358726458
Publisher: Taemeer Publications
Publication Date: February 15th, 2024
Pages: 30
Language: Urdu