Building Crop Pest Ontology for Farmers (Paperback)

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Mahesh D. Titiya's enlightening book "Building Crop Pest Ontology for Farmers" offers farmers a thorough strategy for managing agricultural pests. In-depth knowledge of ontology building and its importance in agriculture is provided by this book. It describes the difficulties farmers have dealing with crop pests and how ontology building can help them.
The development of a crop pest ontology, which enables farmers to precisely classify and identify crop pests, is covered in the book. It describes the advantages of employing ontology-based methods for crop pest control, including how they can increase crop productivity, enhance crop quality, and use less pesticides. The deployment of ontology-based crop pest management systems and how it might be incorporated with current farming techniques are also covered in the book.
Mahesh D. Titiya, the author, has a wealth of knowledge in the agricultural industry and has contributed insightful information to the creation of ontology-based crop pest control systems. For farmers, agricultural researchers, and other professionals working in the industry, the book is an invaluable resource.
For anyone interested in creating ontology-based crop pest control strategies, "Creating Crop Pest Ontology for Farmers" is a great resource overall. It offers a well-researched and useful method for controlling crop pests, and its recommendations can help farmers increase crop yields while using less toxic pesticides.
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ISBN: 9788161357362
ISBN-10: 8161357366
Publisher: Infinity Publications
Publication Date: February 8th, 2023
Pages: 166
Language: English