Trav-el-ations: it's about people, not places (Paperback)

Trav-el-ations: it's about people, not places By Konrad Brinck Cover Image
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Konrad Brinck is a great storyteller. Be it samba in Rio, a rambunctious train-ride through the post-apartheid beauty of South Africa, the antics of World Soccer Cup fans in Germany, savouring the beauty and gastronomical delights of Europe, being touched to the heart by street children in Bali or exploring the pyramids and pharaohs of Egypt, Konrad keeps his readers entranced. His style is lyrical, personal and easy to enjoy. Whether he is telling amusing anecdotes about lovable street vendors eking out a living on tropical sidewalks or is describing agonizing pain from life's mishaps, as a reader I am totally hooked and cannot put the book down.

This collection of small travel notes will take you on a revealing journey with smiles and laughter and some tears but with an accompanying touch of serenity. The book contains personal observations and revelations on how societies in other countries function often in ways that are very different from those that might be considered the norm in our corner of the world.

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ISBN: 9781989242001
ISBN-10: 1989242006
Publisher: Tamarind Tree Books Inc.
Publication Date: December 14th, 2018
Pages: 110
Language: English