Levi's Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job But Gave Me My Voice (Hardcover)

Levi's Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job But Gave Me My Voice By Jennifer Sey Cover Image
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Jennifer Sey was on track to become the first woman CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. As the President of the Levi's brand, she was widely celebrated as a versatile and inspirational leader who had helped save the iconic brand from bankruptcy. Formerly a self-described "left of left of center" progressive, she was beloved as the embodiment of the company's "profits through principles" ethos.

But everything changed when Sey publicly opposed the closure of San Francisco's public schools at the height of the pandemic. In response to her 'wrongthink, ' management gave her a choice: shut up or leave. She decided that defending at-risk children was more important than the job that she loved, and so she resigned. After more than two decades at the company, she gave up her professional future in order to retain her voice.

In Levi's Unbuttoned, Sey recounts her remarkable journey from U.S. National Gymnastics champion through her rise up the corporate ladder at Levi's. As the highest profile executive to fall victim to the cancel culture engulfing America, her story is an inspiration for all those who, in these difficult times, feel pressured to remain silent on their most fundamental beliefs.

The more Americans who stand up to "woke-ism," the better chance we have at creating a truly equitable and inclusive society. Principles and integrity matter. Ultimately, they matter more than anything else.

About the Author

Jennifer Sey is an American author, filmmaker, business executive and retired artistic gymnast. She was the 1986 U.S. Women's All-Around National Gymnastics Champion, and a 7-time member of the U.S. Women's National Team. Her first memoir, Chalked Up, was released in 2008 and detailed the coaching cruelty inflicted on children in the sport of gymnastics. Sey also produced the 2020 Emmy award-winning documentary film, Athlete A, which connected the crimes of Larry Nassar to the broader abuses in the Olympic movement. Sey began working at Levi Strauss & Co. in 1999, rising to Chief Marketing Officer and then Brand President until, in January 2022, she was asked to resign because of her vocal opposition to the extended closure of San Francisco's public schools. She is a mother of four, and now resides in Denver with her family.
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ISBN: 9781958682241
ISBN-10: 1958682241
Publisher: All Seasons Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 364
Language: English