Undateable (Paperback)

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Dating sucks If that is what you believe, then perhaps you are perpetuating your undateable tendencies: the same tendencies that afflict millions of adult singles all over the world. Why am I still single? Aren't I enough? Am I worthy of finding the perfect person? Am I undateable? All these questions and more are addressed in this humorous "how-to" book on how to identify your undateable tendencies, how to fix them, and how to find what you really want, need, and deserve

Whether you choose to be single, play the field, be in a committed relationship, or tie the knot, Undateable wants to make sure you have the tools and confidence to travel the path that is best for you. You will get an in-depth understanding of what the "three pillars" of identifying a mate are, know the difference between being "willing" versus being "worthy" to date and, most important, what steps to take to do the "self-work" to set yourself up for success as an adult single that passionately desires to find love ever after.

If you are experiencing the many dating dilemmas facing singles today such as ghosting, one-night stands, lonely nights, catfishing, frustrated with online dating, and have had enough of being an unhappy single person and wondering when it will finally be your turn for true love, then Undateable is a must read.

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ISBN: 9781956353044
ISBN-10: 1956353046
Publisher: Shanks Media Group
Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
Pages: 210
Language: English