AMOK: Criminal Sniping and Spree Killing in Wisconsin and Beyond (Paperback)

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A fascinating look into dimensions of murder that are often overlooked and undeveloped. Spree killing, in particular, is a crime that researchers have vacillated over in the past two decades or so, most notably when the FBI’s 2005 consortium on Serial Homicide seemed to walk back from the concept because of the implications of the term “cooling off period.” The author draws the reader into consideration of such classifications, both the spree killer and the mass murderer. It underlines that it’s often difficult to delineate atypical murderers such as serial killers, spree killers, and mass murderers. It’s not uncommon for aspects of these behaviors to spill over and overlap with one another. It can be best to stay away from the binary choices of typology and understand the criminal as an individual case.

About the Author

Steve Daniels retired after twenty-six years in the criminal justice system, the last twelve as a high-risk parole agent working with extremely violent and dangerous offenders. During that career, Steve and a colleague interviewed and researched nearly two hundred murderers in an effort to develop a working profile for criminal justice professionals. Steve is the chair of the Cold Case Review Team for the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators, assisting agencies with old, unsolved homicides.

Praise For…

"Amok is an intriguing, brilliant analytical look at some of the most deplorable menaces to society. Daniels’ experience with the worst narcissistic sociopaths, sexual deviants, and killers, allowed him to compile a colossal archive of case studies and compelling data." —Edward S. Scott, author of True Crime and Dark Daze and Foggy Nights: An Untold Story of Breaking the Silence 
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