Real Slang of Cuba.: Dictionary. (Paperback)

Real Slang of Cuba.: Dictionary. By Brayan Raul Abreu Gil Cover Image
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Real Slang of Cuba. Dictionary.

Next, you will begin a journey through the world of slang, slang, and colloquialisms in Cuba, a trip where the use of this slang is not intended to be encouraged, nor that they think that all Cubans speak in this way, its main objective is that have fun and let them know our slang, so that sometimes Cubans can get along better with us both inside and outside the island. Cuba is a cultured and educated country and like any other society we have our own idioms and languages ​​that we want to share with you today. It is also an essential book for all language students on the island of Cuba and for all lovers of its culture. Summarizing in this complete dictionary we mention most of the words in Cuban slang, regardless of whether they are of Cuban origin or not, but they are the most used by natives. Enjoy it, have fun and learn.

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ISBN: 9781947410084
ISBN-10: 1947410083
Publisher: Brayan Raul Abreu Gil
Publication Date: October 14th, 2019
Pages: 70
Language: English