A Rosie Life In Italy 2: What Have We Done? (Paperback)

A Rosie Life In Italy 2: What Have We Done? By Rosie Meleady Cover Image


What do you do when your adult kids fly the nest and you are having a midlife crisis during a global pandemic? You buy a 22 room derelict villa in Italy while grocery shopping of course. Well, that is what Rosie did.Buying the house was an accident. She only went out for bananas.

Rosie embarks on renovating her 22 room 'new' home in Italy with a non-negotiable move-in date of Christmas Eve.

Surrounded by a cast of interesting characters, the Irish woman learns the Italian way of life and house renovating in the country she wants to call home. But when the project manager goes AWOL, non-Italian speaking Rosie has no option but to take control with the help of a translation app.

With no heating, windows disappearing, mystery holes in the garden, water flooding down the stairs, a pandemic destroyed business and with a move-in date that seems more laughable than doable, Rosie begins to question if she was crazy to follow through on her fabulous midlife crisis dream of renovating a villa in Italy.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781915519092
ISBN-10: 1915519098
Publisher: Rosemarie Meleady
Publication Date: August 28th, 2022
Pages: 286
Language: English