The Little Book of Big Leverage (Paperback)

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The quality of a person's life can be measured by their ability to solve problems - but sometimes the harder they try, the more resistant the solution becomes.

It is easy to just look at the obvious, without looking at what lies beneath the surface.

There are two sides to everything - the Yin and the Yang. When you integrate Eastern wisdom with Western science, you will tap into the true nature of your mind and allow it to flow.

As the underlying resistance dissolves, aligning your future with what already has worked well for you in the past will allow a solution mindset to naturally emerge.

The Little Book of Big Leverage will simplify and multiply your problem solving abilities by:

  1. Providing a tried and tested way to make the smallest daily changes... the best investments you could make that will pay dividends over your lifetime.
  2. Sharing a rarely studied technique to tap into the fluid nature of your subconscious mind... the simplicity of which will truly amaze you.
  3. Transforming problems from obstacles to be avoided... into opportunities to be fully utilised.

When you apply leverage to your thinking as nature intended, you will apply a measure of control over where you want to take your life and what you will be remembered for.

You will find yourself:

  • Experiencing the force to fluidity formula that will allow you to find your path of least resistance.
  • Removing any mental fatigue to fully access the mechanisms of your mind.
  • Discovering your psychological sweet spot where problems naturally resolve themselves.
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ISBN: 9781911425175
ISBN-10: 191142517X
Publisher: Filament Publishing
Publication Date: March 28th, 2017
Pages: 250
Language: English