Bacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Second edition) (Hardcover)

Bacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Second edition) Cover Image
By Peter Graumann (Editor)
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Bacillus subtilis has become widely adopted as a model organism for laboratory studies and is one of the best understood prokaryotes in terms of molecular and cellular biology. Its superb genetic amenability and relatively large size have provided powerful tools to investigate a bacterium in all possible aspects. Extensively revised and updated, the new edition of this valuable reference work provides a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the current knowledge and new research in Bacillus molecular and cellular biology. Under the expert guidance of the editor Peter Graumann, renowned authors from around the world have contributed critical reviews on the most recent and topical research. Subjects covered include chromosome replication, DNA repair, chromosome segregation, cell division, transcription and translation, RNA-mediated regulation, general and regulatory proteolysis, the actin-like MreB cytoskeleton, the membrane proteome, the cell wall, endospore formation, biofilms, multicellularity and social behaviour, competence and transformation. An essential book for anyone interested in Bacillus and an important reference volume for those working in fields as diverse as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, food and industry. A recommended book for all microbiology laboratories.

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ISBN: 9781904455974
ISBN-10: 1904455972
Publisher: Caister Academic Press Limited
Publication Date: February 1st, 2012
Pages: 412
Language: English