Takeaway Food Packaging Now (Hardcover)

Takeaway Food Packaging Now By Yvett Gomez Cover Image


  • Focuses on a rapidly growing market in the field of design
  • Contains beautiful packaging patterns and advertising concepts, all illustrated in color
  • Both aesthetically pleasing for the casual reader, and useful as a reference for designers and students

With every passing year, the strength of takeaway food packaging design becomes stronger, particularly with the increased popularity and ease of ordering food online as well as eating on the go. As a branch of graphic design, the essence of this packaging is to grab the potential customer's attention and identify a brand. Packaging design can make a big difference in the sales of a product, since it not only works to inform the consumer, but also provoke a feeling or reaction, communicate emotion, and even respond to any given desire. Good packaging is attractive and can impress people with its creativity and it is a way for the customer to express their identity. It offers a fabulous opportunity for companies to communicate with consumers and it is a powerful marketing tool that can make brands instantly recognizable around the world. This comprehensive full-color guide explores current global trends in takeaway food packaging design driven by a broad range of high caliber designers, including big global players and fast-food giants, and boutique brands. This book provides useful detail on a wide assortment of materials used, recyclability and sustainability, and functionality; all essential components in regard to overall customer appeal. No other advertising medium is as close to the consumer as takeaway food packaging is - it is literally in their hands.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781864707069
ISBN-10: 1864707062
Publisher: Images Shenyang
Publication Date: December 26th, 2016
Pages: 240
Language: English