Cryptocurrency Investing: Wallet Technology (Paperback)

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All right, so you need a wallet, but which one is to choose from?

  • Should you go for the one that's is free, or another, that you have to purchase?
  • Should you keep your cryptocurrencies online? - or rehabs you need a cold storage?
  • Thinking about the best way to secure your cryptocurrencies for long term? - or perhaps all you want is trading?
  • You might consider to run a business where you wish to take cryptocurrency payments, but not sure what kinds of wallets you would need?
  • You might be thinking about to receive your wages in cryptocurrency? - or prefabs thinking about paying your employees in cryptocurrencies?
  • You might just want to support someone anonymously by giving away bitcoins, maybe a Charity, or loved ones but not sure how to start?

...Don't worry, in this book you will find answer to all your questions

This book, will mainly focus on cryptocurrency wallet Technology, but also dive into the details of how to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from multiple online exchanges, as well how to transfer those funds from hot wallets to hardware wallets.

By finishing this book, you will able to confidently create your own wallet, including:
* paper wallet,
* online wallet,
* desktop wallet
* mobile wallet...
... and start investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

  • Furthermore, you will learn where to buy the most secured hardware wallets the cheapest price possible, how to install them, and how to make cryptocurrency transactions, by either sending or receiving, using cold storage.
  • This book is structured in a way that even if you are a complete beginner, you have nothing to worry, as you will learn all the pros and cons of every single types of wallets, including online wallets, paper wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and of course the most secured amongst them all hardware wallets.
  • First, the book begins with some of the main characteristics of cryptocurrency wallets, then it expands on the structure and how they work, and finally clarifies the importance of the cryptocurrency wallets, by exhibiting a great example of how a bitcoin 3d QR code have been supporting a revolution that taken place recently
  • Next, you will learn some great tips on how to choose the best wallets that suits your requirements, either if you want a wallet because you are a long term, hodler'' or want to become a cryptocurrency trader, or perhaps you want to run a business and accepting cryptocurrency payments online or offline like a restaurant or shop, or even if you want a wallet to receive your wages, or pay your employees wages in digital currencies.
  • Followed by expanding on how hardware wallets work, and what facts you must be aware in terms of security philosophy, then you will see a live cryptocurrency payment, by sending bitcoins from an online exchange to a hardware wallet.
  • Next, you will learn why you must own your private keys, which is a very important topic, follow this up by explaining multiple wallets hack examples, and how thousands of people lost their cryptocurrency portfolio, because they have ignored to keep their funds on cold storage.
  • Finally, you will have access to a unique cryptocurrency wallet ABC, a document, which you will be able to utilize, in order to find the most suitable wallets for yourself, where you can choose from over 70+ wallets of all kinds
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ISBN: 9781839380501
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Publication Date: August 17th, 2019
Pages: 128
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