Big data analytics for understanding climate change (Paperback)

Big data analytics for understanding climate change By Ibrahim Mohamed Abdelmokatder Gad Cover Image


The research work has been initiated during 2015 to study and to find root cause of the natural disaster happened on 1st December 2015 in Chennai and to find the solution to keep the public away from natural disasters exclusively from flood or drought. Everybody knew that the disaster happened due to the three months' rainfall down pour in a single day. Several people lost their life and few thousands of people lost their livelihood and suffered without basic facilities for several days or more than a week. The flood is one of the disasters which are happening due to shrinking the water way, storage reservoir and also the capacity, depth of those rivers, pond, lakes, dams etc. then we studied subsequent years of monsoon and how it affects the people in Chennai city. Since these root causes of the flood is quantified in nature but not qualified in nature. So we are applying fuzzy logic methodology to study our problem and to obtain the choicest solution. This research work is to find root cause of the floods occurred in late November and early December 2015, which caused series of damages in everyone's life. And to find systematic water management in the form of flood drainage, water boundary of watershed, ground water recharge etc., and also water scarcity affects the Chennai and its' suburban for all the aspects like domestic and industrial needs during drought seasons. It happens in all the summer season May to July months though we received better rainfall.

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