A study of personality correlates of phobic reactions among children (Paperback)

A study of personality correlates of phobic reactions among children By Kamble Dattatraya Goroba Cover Image
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In a world which is changing at an ever accelerating pace, life has become full of astounding challenges and the skills required to meet these challenges become essential. There is greater access to higher education and a wider array of opportunities which give rise to a larger range of choices available to the students. This also heightens the expectations of parents for their children to excel in the current competitive world. As a result, college students may find their entry into adult responsibilities overwhelming, profuse and perplexing which may further add to their experience of stress. These stressors and adversities can range from dealing with problems faced in studies, difficulties in sustaining peer relationships and social interactions, meeting the expectations of teachers and parents, etc. They may experience conflicting emotions about their ability to meet the societal expectations. College students enter new academic settings, social circles, beliefs and values. It is a phase in which one undergoes several physiological, physical, social and psychological changes.

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