Maximizing Emergency Communication via Cognitive Radio (Paperback)

Maximizing Emergency Communication via Cognitive Radio By Sudhakaran Chitra Cover Image


In emergency situations, having a reliable and efficient communication system is crucial for saving lives and managing disaster situations. This paper proposes a novel approach to maximizing emergency communication via cognitive radio technology. The author, Sudhakaran Chitra, explores the use of cognitive radio, ad hoc networks, and various other technologies to improve the connectivity and coverage of emergency communication. Cognitive radio allows for efficient spectrum sensing, sharing, and allocation, which can improve the quality of service and experience for emergency communication. The paper also discusses the use of channel allocation, switching, and selection for better radio resource management. Quality of service and network performance are emphasized throughout the paper, along with reliability, availability, and security of the communication system. Interference management and power control are essential for minimizing interference and improving communication reliability. Routing protocols are also discussed for better wireless network management. The paper explores various wireless networks, including mobile networks, cellular networks, wireless sensor networks, and Internet of Things, as well as the role of software-defined radio in emergency communication. The author emphasizes the importance of dynamic spectrum access, frequency agility, and spectrum mobility for improving spectrum utilization and efficiency. Situational awareness and communication infrastructure are also discussed in the context of emergency response, disaster management, search and rescue, and public safety. Overall, this paper provides valuable insights into the use of cognitive radio for emergency communication, emphasizing the need for reliable and efficient communication infrastructure in critical situations.

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ISBN: 9781805290230
ISBN-10: 1805290231
Publisher: Alibaba
Publication Date: May 21st, 2023
Pages: 146
Language: English