Effect of urban developments on ground water regime (Paperback)

Effect of urban developments on ground water regime By R. Lilly Cover Image


In "Urban Growth's Impact on Groundwater Systems", author R. Lilly delves into the complex and often overlooked relationship between urbanization and groundwater systems. As the world's population continues to grow and more people move into cities, the demand for water resources increases, leading to groundwater depletion and contamination.

Lilly examines the various ways in which urbanization affects groundwater systems, from land use change and urban expansion to stormwater runoff and wastewater management. He explores the impacts of urbanization on water quality and quantity, and discusses the challenges and opportunities for sustainable urban water management.

One of the key topics in the book is the aquifer recharge process, which is critical to maintaining healthy groundwater systems. Lilly explains how urbanization can disrupt this process, leading to decreased groundwater storage and increased land subsidence.

The book also touches on the important role of ecosystem services in urban water management, and how urban ecosystems can be designed and managed to support groundwater recharge and other important water-related functions.

Overall, "Urban Growth's Impact on Groundwater Systems" provides a comprehensive overview of the many ways in which urbanization affects groundwater systems, and offers insights and solutions for achieving sustainable urban water management. It is an important resource for urban planners, water managers, and anyone interested in the intersection of urbanization and water resources.

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