Semantic Web Technologies for Food Tech Knowledge (Paperback)

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Semantic Web Technologies are a set of standards and tools that enable the creation, sharing, and reuse of structured data on the web. In the context of Food Tech Knowledge, Semantic Web Technologies can be used to create a more intelligent and connected ecosystem of food-related information.Using Semantic Web Technologies, food-related data can be represented in a machine-readable format using ontologies and linked data. This allows for the integration and interoperability of data from various sources, such as food products, recipes, nutritional information, and food safety regulations.One example of Semantic Web Technologies in Food Tech Knowledge is the creation of a food ontology that defines the concepts and relationships between food-related entities. This ontology can be used to annotate and classify food-related data, making it easier to find and use.Another example is the use of linked data to connect different sources of food-related information. For instance, a recipe dataset can be linked to a food product database, which in turn can be linked to nutritional information and food safety regulations. This interconnected web of data allows for more accurate and comprehensive search results and recommendations.Overall, Semantic Web Technologies can greatly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and usefulness of food-related information by enabling the integration and interoperability of data from various sources.

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Publication Date: April 10th, 2023
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