I Think You're on Mute: A Foolproof Guide to Living Your Best Online LIfe (Hardcover)

I Think You're on Mute: A Foolproof Guide to Living Your Best Online LIfe By Ellie Ross Cover Image


Ah, the internet—a daunting place for the uninitiated and veteran alike. Whether you're stuck trying to perfect a suitable Zoom call background or frustrated with the old Tinder bio; whether you're building the courage to finally leave that annoying WhatsApp group or regretting the email you've just sent to your manager with three kisses—there just seems to be no answer to all your digital etiquette fails, right? WRONG! This outrageously funny 'guide' to digital interaction will solve all your 21st Century problems and stop you looking like a right modern-day Luddite. Is your voicemail greeting as bad as it sounds? Are you being catfished? Do you want to hear the secret to getting more Instagram followers? These are just a few of the internet's most pressing questions we've got covered in our 100 question guide. Grounded by its earth-shattering research and enhanced with its quirky illustrations, I Think You're on Mute is an essential 'companion' and is here to help you navigate netiquette. The internet? Completed it, mate. DISCLAIMER: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS TRACES OF SATIRE AND IS NOT MEANT TO BE CONSUMED UNIRONICALLY

About the Author

Written by stand-up comedian, comedy writer, and author of More Classic Art Memes and Life According to Guinea Pigs, Ellie Ross.
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ISBN: 9781800782471
ISBN-10: 1800782470
Publisher: Studio Press
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English