Bird Bonds (Paperback)

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Some Australian native birds become childhood sweethearts and court for years before they get 'married'. Others divorce because of personality clashes and different skill levels. Many negotiate their parenting duties. But how do these personal life events link to long-lasting bonds, long life-spans and exceptional overall intelligence? Professor Gisela Kaplan, an eminent voice in animal behaviour, and particularly bird behaviour, draws on the latest insights in the evolution of particular cognitive and social abilities. She uncovers motivations and attractions in partner choice that are far more complex than was once believed. She shows how humans and birds may be more alike in attachment and mating behaviour than we think - despite the enormous evolutionary distance between us. Based on a wealth of original research and complemented by illustrations and colour photographs, Bird Bonds is a valuable resource and a beguiling insight into the world of the birds around us.

About the Author

Gisela Kaplan (PhD, PhD, Hon.DSc) is a field biologist and Emeritus Professor of Animal Behaviour at the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales and also serves as Honorary Professor at the Queensland Brain Institute. She has authored more than 250 research articles and has conducted groundbreaking research into vocal learning, communication and cognition in birds and other vertebrates. Her books include award-winning and bestselling titles such as Australian Magpie (2019), Tawny Frogmouth (2018), Bird Minds (2015) and Famous Australian Birds (2004). For the past two decades, she has also raised and rehabilitated injured native birds. Her vast experience with native birds in their natural environment is only surpassed by her passion for all things to do with native birds.
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ISBN: 9781760554200
ISBN-10: 1760554200
Publisher: Macmillan Australia
Publication Date: September 24th, 2019
Pages: 368
Language: English