Dingo Bold: The Life and Death of K'gari Dingoes (Paperback)

Dingo Bold: The Life and Death of K'gari Dingoes By Rowena Lennox Cover Image
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Dingo Bold is a thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between people and dingoes. At its heart is Rowena Lennox's encounter with a dingo on the beach on K'gari (Fraser Island), a young male she nicknames Bold. Struck by this experience, and by the intense, often polarised opinions expressed in public conversations about dingo conservation and control, she sets out to understand the complex relationship between humans and dingoes.

Weaving together ecological data, interviews with people connected personally and professionally with K'gari's dingoes, and Lennox's expansive reading of literary, historical and scientific accounts, Dingo Bold considers what we know about the history of relations between dingoes and humans, and what preconceptions shape our attitudes today. Do we see dingoes as native wildlife or feral dogs? Wild or domesticated animals? A tourist attraction or a threat? And how do our answers to these questions shape our interactions with them?

Dingo Bold is both a moving memoir of love and loss through Lennox's observations of the natural world and an important contribution to wider conversations about conservation and animal welfare.

"Combining natural history, Indigenous culture, folklore, memoir, and environmental politics, this is an elegantly written and affectionate tribute to Australia's most maligned and least understood native animal." Jacqueline Kent

"Fuelled by empathy, curiosity and passion, and informed by research, data and observation, this moving and compelling book speaks to the heart and to the head. Rowena Lennox poses questions about our relationship with dingoes - and our role in the natural world - that are as bold and lively as her subject." Debra Adelaide

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ISBN: 9781743327319
ISBN-10: 1743327315
Publisher: Sydney University Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 290
Language: English