Empath: Guide: This Books Includes: Empath and Enneagram (Paperback)

Empath: Guide: This Books Includes: Empath and Enneagram By Judith Guise, Ian Ian Baron Cover Image
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EnneagramThe human personality is a mystification that has eluded some of the greatest minds in all of history. Poets, philosophers, religious leaders, and laymen alike have all gone to great lengths to break down the human psyche, but no clear answer has come about yet. Most likely, the middle of the human personality will always retain some mystery, but with the proper tool in hand, almost anyone can begin to pry away the opaque clouds of wonder and get a glimpse into the truth about themselves.

One of the best tools out there for discovering who you really are is the Enneagram. If you have never heard of the Enneagram before, then it just may be the tool you have been missing. If you are ready to let the old and confused self goand begin the process of self-discovery, then learning about the Enneagram is an absolute must. Some of the information you will find in this book includes:
  • A personality test that will give you a starting point to help discover who you really are.
  • A history of what the Enneagram is and how it came to be.
  • Several different correspondences to help you look at the Enneagram from multiple points of view.
  • Explanations of the dominant personality types as well as the wings.
  • Insight to the different levels of health that relate to the human personality.
  • Numerical values for the integration and disintegration points.
  • An explanation of why the diagram of the Enneagram looks the way it does, and how to make your own.
  • Why you should make an honest effort to discover who you really are.

EmpathThis book is written for the many kind, soft-hearted, and sensitive souls who are searching for answers and understanding. For those who feel misunderstood and misplaced in today's cruel and harsh world. This book is written for empaths, those people who feel the weight of our emotions and pain.This book will help you to understand who you are, why you, and how to deal with the symptoms you feel. "The Most Effective Empath Healing and Empath Survival Guide" gives insight into a spectrum of empaths, and helps empaths discover where they fall in that spectrum.Unfortunately, many empaths are often diagnosed by mainstream healthcare professionals and relegated to dosages of medication and labels. This book aims to counter this lack of understanding and provide empaths with strategies to accept who they are and control the effect of living in a high-stimulation world. "The Most Effective Empath Healing and Empath Survival Guide" strives to empower all empaths of their abilities of intuition, compassion, creativity, depth, and love of nature.This book will look at the following aspects that affect empaths:
  • Enhancing life as an empath
  • Developing healthy relationships with others even non-empaths
  • Parenting successfully as an empath or to an empath
  • Finding a career which needs aligns with your needs
  • Ways to protect yourself from toxic energy
  • Ways to get rid of toxic energy
  • How empaths find themselves in some form of addiction
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