Termites You Have to Want To: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Paperback)

Termites You Have to Want To: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow By James R. Melendez Cover Image
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The Book, "Termites, You Have To Want To", is written by Izzy, the reformed termite and Jim. It is written in the first person by both Izzy and Jim. The purpose of this publication is to put into every-day language the challenges that termite technicians have had to endure in the treatment of structures, understanding the label and in dealing with regulatory agencies for over the past four decades. We will briefly review and discuss the different kinds of termites and their biology so as to have reference points as we journey through this publication. We will then go back in our time machine to view the early developments of our Industry and how it developed and evolved into the monster that it is now. Then we will project into the future using the past and present as our guide. The language used is not fancy or necessarily scientific, as it tends to diminish the clarity of what is being spoken. It is rather in terms understandable to the everyday reader.

About the Author

There is nothing special about him, other than the fact that he is very dedicated to Bible Truth. Because of that, it permeates into every aspect of his life. (The termite industry is no exception). His formal training was in the field of music (Berkley College of Music, US Navy School of Music and Navy Band), which laid the ground work for logical training, which is a must in Termite Entomology. He studied Pest Control through the Perdue University Home Correspondence, Berkley University of California, and worked in close association with the Extension Service of Arizona State University, Northern Arizona State University, Utah State University, NPMA, and local State Compliance Agencies. His emphasis has always been to work safer, more efficient and most of all environmentally friendly to all. Nancy L. Melendez
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ISBN: 9781728310046
ISBN-10: 1728310040
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: May 18th, 2019
Pages: 124
Language: English