Stress Free TM Manufacturing Solutions (Paperback)

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By Mueller, Gordon Miller (Editor)
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Stress FreeTM Manufacturing Solutions provides guidance to the skill development in solving equipment and operational problems.

It is a phenomenon base in is analysis approach. The phenomenon is the root cause of a specific problem. It is at the level where the long term problem resolution can be acted upon and maintained.

Focusing on defining the phenomenon normally means going three and four layers down into the problem description. This can be done by utilizing the knowledge present in the people closest to the problem. No data is needed to identify the phenomenon based root cause. Detailed data is then gathered associated with the root cause solution.

  • The high number of unplanned production interruptions is causes waste and frustrates the line personnel. There is a common cry for help and a great deal of fault finger pointing.
  • Stress FreeTM Manufacturing Solutions provides the guidance to a stable, synchronized production environment. This environment is achieved by enabling and empowering the line and maintenance personnel with enhanced root cause problem-solving skills.
  • The enhanced problem-solving skills result in increased, defect free production and a flexible confident organization.
  • The majority of organizations using this approach ended up with a robust continuous improvement program

Solving existing problems develops the skills of operators and support personnel. People's skill growth is directly linked to increased operational flexibility and lower costs. The stability created by eliminating multiple problems leads to reduced losses and increased throughput.

Increasing the skills of those closest to the problems and enabling them to eliminate them provides the organization with continuous improvement in production results.

Equipment and people do work. Equipping people with superior problem-solving skills make them better at maintaining the equipment.

Every organization that has applied the guidance put forward in Stress FreeTM Manufacturing Solutions has succeeded in reducing losses and improving throughput.

The time it takes to develop people's skills is often the delaying excuse. Instead look at this time as a problem-solving vacation. Upon return

from this vacation, people will contribute to an improved business and be equipped with new skills to make additional improvements.

The growth of skill and improved performance of everyone will be recognized in improved attendance and reduced regrettable departures. Not everyone in the organization will choose to make this journey. Those that decline to grow must leave.

Imagine being the top performers in Safety, Quality, Throughput, Response Flexibility and First in Low Cost Production.

Apply Stress FreeTM Manufacturing Solutions and achieve it...

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