Stress FreeTM Work Process Solutions (Paperback)

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By Ron Mueller, Gordon Miller (Editor)
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Stress FreeTM Work Process Solutions addresses three types of work and provides organizational guidance to enable a zero loss, flexible, growing environment.

There is knowledge work that is done with computers.

There is handwork that is done in assembly and service type work.

There is equipment tending and operation work.

All contribute to specific business goals.

In each of the work types, people aspire to be good at what they do. Most often they desire to do good work and to contribute to the business.

Peoples skill growth is directly linked to an increased business success and organizational flexibility and positive response to change.

Documenting and flow-charting repetitive work creates the work production process. This is akin to building a physical production line. It provides the basis for continuous improvement.

Once work functions are flow charted, shared work such as art development where different organizations do separate elements and have it all come together or assembly work where there are multiple assembly steps that build on each other, the step-by-step product transformation can be tracked.

Visualizing the work process on the screen or on paper and tracking specific projects on an hour by hour basis or a day by day basis creates an environment where issues become apparent and improvement action taken. This is done using output tracking.

On the assembly line, in the office, on the production floor, visualization of the condition of the work enables the person doing the work and allows for immediate support when problems arise.

The person doing the work, the support person and the enabling leaders all need to be operating on the same work-flow chart and the same support enabling signals.

The growth of skill and improved performance of everyone will be recognized in improved attendance and reduced regrettable departures.

When this occurs work will flow smoothly and the production area, whether in the office, on a manual assembly line or on a physical production line will stabilize.

Imagine being able to walk into a work area and immediately being able to know that everything is as it should be.

Apply Stress FreeTM Work Process Solutions and achieve it...

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