A Wild Day at the Zoo / Egun Zoroa Zooan - Basque and English Edition: Children's Picture Book (Large Print / Paperback)

A Wild Day at the Zoo / Egun Zoroa Zooan - Basque and English Edition: Children's Picture Book By Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos Cover Image
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"A Wild Day at the Zoo is a sweet and educational picture book introduction to the wonders and diversity of the zoo, as well as the wonders and diversity of human languages. A passive lesson in multicultural acceptance."

--- Foreword Reviews

"A Wild Day at the Zoo is highly recommended. Children with parents and grandparents who have different first languages will love seeing how Dylan and Isabella interact with their Brazilian and Ukrainian parents. Those who aren't that fortunate can still get a jump on learning new languages through reading this book." -- Readers' Favorite 5-star review

"A Wild Day at the Zoo's uplifting, fun tone pairs nicely with its messages and lessons. It will appeal to anyone seeking to expand a child's experiences with other cultures and languages." -- Midwest Book Review

Little Polyglot Adventures Series (Vol. 2): A Wild Day at the Zoo / Egun Zoroa Zooan - Bilingual English and Basque Children's Picture Book

This is the bilingual English and Basque edition of this book and it is the sequel to Vol 1: Dylan's Birthday Present / Dylanen Urtebetetze Oparia.

This book is also available in several other languages, including in bilingual versions.

Summary in English:

The city zoo is holding a very special event. Today, guests can bring their own pets to the zoo Of course, all city residents want to join in on the fun. Dylan and Isabella, the little polyglot siblings, see this as a great opportunity for Kiki, Dylan's pet chicken, to meet her animal friends. However, things get a bit out of control when Kiki is left unattended. In this fun and colorful story, children will learn about the importance of thinking outside the box and using their imagination and creativity to solve difficult problems.

While reading this book, kids will learn six new words in different languages and feel like a little polyglot themselves

If you are looking for a children's book that will help your child see the value in speaking other languages, in being multicultural, and that will hopefully get them excited about learning languages, this book is a great choice.

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Summary in Basque:

Hiriko zooak ekitaldi berezia antolatu du. Gaur, bisitariek euren etxe-animaliak eraman ditzakete zoora Jakina, hiritar guztiek ondo pasatu nahi dute bertan. Dylanek eta Isabellak, poliglota neba-arreba txikiek, aukera paregabea dela uste dute Kikirentzat, Dylanen oilo etxe-animaliarentzat. Kikik animaliak diren lagunak egin ahal dituelako. Haatik, egoera korapilatu egiten da Kiki une batez zaindu ez dutenean. Istorio dibertigarri eta xelebre honetan, umeek originaltasunez pentsatzea eta arazo zailak konpontzeko irudimena eta sormena garrantzitsuak direla ikasiko dute.

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ISBN: 9781649620699
ISBN-10: 1649620691
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Linguacious
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: Basque