Did You Ever "See" Gulls? (Hardcover)

Did You Ever
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Did you ever "see" gulls baking an apple pie...or

Singing a baby a lullaby?

Did you ever "see" gulls...dressed as circus clowns or

Dancing with dolphins in long ball gowns?

Or how about gulls named Betty or Teddy

or Freddie or Eddie?

Did you ever see gulls driving a big fire truck...or

Playing golf with Chuck the Duck?

Did you ever see gulls hula dance in grass skirts...or

Outside an igloo wearing T-shirts?

Or how about gulls that are juggling marshmallows while playing the cello

wearing suits that are yellow?

Did you ever "see" gulls flying high up in the air...or

In a nest, laying eggs that are square?

Did you ever see gulls eating macaroni and cheese...or

Napping on top of a hive full of bees?

Or how about gulls in a leaky rowboat, having lunch with Ollie the Goat,

Desperately trying to stay afloat?

Did you ever see gulls painting their toenails green...or

Sipping afternoon tea with a queen?

Did you ever see gulls wearing raincoats out on a jetty...or

Out to dinner, slurping spaghetti?

Did you ever see gulls playing pirates in a coconut tree...or

Scuba diving under the sea?

Did you ever see gulls...playing volleyball in the sand...or

Whistling a tune with an all whale band?

Well, the next time that you take a trip to the beach, look and you might see all sorts of gulls doing some of the things in this book starting from A to Z

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ISBN: 9781646546930
ISBN-10: 1646546938
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: October 7th, 2020
Pages: 34
Language: English