¿Qué pasaría si nunca dejaras el sofá? (Paperback)

¿Qué pasaría si nunca dejaras el sofá? By Thomas Kingsley Troupe, Anna Mongay (Illustrator) Cover Image
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I'M NOT GETTING UP! What would happen if you took it to the extreme and never got off the couch? This Spanish translation is a humorous, fact-based cautionary tale that shows the effects of not exercising on your body--and your social life! For kids who want to know the why of everything, author Thomas Kingsley Troupe takes readers down an imaginative, subtly instructive path of what ifs. If you never get off the couch, isolation gives way to poor nutrition, reduced bone mass, and a shortened life span, leading to the conclusion that getting outside for some exercise is good after all. Expressive illustrations bring these narrative nonfiction stories to life. Fun facts, tips for being more active, a glossary, and further resources enhance learning.
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ISBN: 9781645498575
ISBN-10: 1645498573
Publisher: Amicus Ink
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 24
Language: Spanish