MCAT Prep Books 2024-2025: 2 Practice Tests and MCAT Study Guide Review for the AAMC Exam [8th Edition] (Paperback)

MCAT Prep Books 2024-2025: 2 Practice Tests and MCAT Study Guide Review for the AAMC Exam [8th Edition] By Joshua Rueda Cover Image
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Test Prep Books' MCAT Prep Books 2024-2025: 2 Practice Tests and MCAT Study Guide Review for the AAMC Exam 8th Edition]

Made by Test Prep Books experts for test takers trying to achieve a great score on the MCAT exam.

This comprehensive study guide includes:

Quick Overview Find out what's inside this guide

Test-Taking Strategies Learn the best tips to help overcome your exam

Introduction Get a thorough breakdown of what the test is and what's on it

Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems Structure and Function of Proteins and Their Constituent Amino Acids, Transmission of Genetic Information from Gene to Protein, Transmission of Heritable Information from Generation to Generation, Principles of Bioenergetics and Fuel Molecule Metabolism, Assemblies of Molecules, Cells, and Groups of Cells Within Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms, The Structure, Growth, Physiology, and Genetics of Prokaryotes and Viruses, Processes of Cell Division, Differentiation, and Specialization, Structure and Functions of the Nervous and Endocrine Systems and Ways in Which These Systems Coordinate the Organ Systems, and Structure and Integrative Functions of the Main Organ Systems

Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems Translational Motion, Forces, Work, Energy, and Equilibrium in Living Systems, Importance of Fluids for the Circulation of Blood, Gas Movement, and Gas Exchange, Electrochemistry and Electrical Circuits and Their Elements, How Light and Sound Interact with Matter, Atoms, Nuclear Decay, Electronic Structure, and Atomic Chemical Behavior, The Unique Nature of Water and its Solutions, Nature of Molecules and Intermolecular Interaction, Separation and Purification Methods, Structure, Function, and Reactivity of Biologically-Relevant Molecules, and Principles of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Sensing the Environment, Making Sense of the Environment, Responding to the World, Individual Influences on Behavior, Social Processes that Influence Human Behavior, Attitude and Behavior Change, Self-identity, Social Thinking, Social Interactions, Understanding Social Structure, Demographic Characteristics and Processes, and Social Inequality

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

MCAT Practice Test #1

Answer Explanations

MCAT Practice Test #2

Studying can be hard. We get it. That's why we created this guide with these great features and benefits

Comprehensive Review: Each section of the test has a comprehensive review created by Test Prep Books that goes into detail to cover all of the content likely to appear on the test.

MCAT Practice Test Questions: We want to give you the best practice you can find. That's why the Test Prep Books practice questions are as close as you can get to the actual test.

Answer Explanations: Every single problem is followed by an answer explanation. We know it's frustrating to miss a question and not understand why. The answer explanations will help you learn from your mistakes. That way, you can avoid missing it again in the future.
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