History of Scandinavia: A Captivating Guide to the History of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland (Hardcover)

History of Scandinavia: A Captivating Guide to the History of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland By Captivating History Cover Image
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Five manuscripts in one book:

  • History of Sweden: A Captivating Guide to Swedish History, Starting from Ancient Times through the Viking Age and Swedish Empire to the Present
  • History of Norway: A Captivating Guide to Norwegian History
  • History of Denmark: A Captivating Guide to Danish History
  • History of Iceland: A Captivating Guide to the History of the Land of Fire and Ice, from the Viking Age to the Present
  • History of Finland: A Captivating Guide to Finnish History

In contrast to their Danish and Norwegian cousins, Swedish Vikings traveled east rather than west in search of riches, land, and power. The extensive river systems of Russia provided economic and military "super-highways" to the adventurers from the north, who journeyed down them all the way to the Black Sea and Constantinople in search of fame and riches.

Norway is a unique country located on the fringes of Europe. Its climate and geographical position determined the lifestyle of the people inhabiting it. It was never an easy life. The constant scarcity of arable land, the vast distances they had to traverse due to the myriad of fjords and mountains, and the long and harsh winters in the inland areas made Norwegians constantly struggle for a better life.

For centuries, Denmark "punched above its weight" and was a major player on the European stage. Many know about the Danish Vikings and their voyages of conquest and discovery, but Denmark is more than just those medieval raiders and traders, even though interest in their adventures is at an all-time high today.

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has a storied history. After the Norse discovered Iceland, they began to settle it, allying the island nation with Norway. However, as power shifted in Scandinavia, Iceland would come to be governed by Denmark for several centuries.

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