The Habsburg Empire: A Captivating Guide to the House of Austria and the Impact the Habsburgs Had on the Holy Roman Empire (Hardcover)

The Habsburg Empire: A Captivating Guide to the House of Austria and the Impact the Habsburgs Had on the Holy Roman Empire By Captivating History Cover Image
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Discover the captivating history of Europe's second-oldest dynasty-the Habsburgs

The Habsburg family ruled central Europe since the early medieval times to World War I, but they still exist as one of the most prestigious Austrian families. Although the family once ruled the largest territory in Europe, it has been reduced to a wealthy family who has all but forgotten their past. But to keep themselves in such high positions, the Habsburgs had to develop unique strategies to fight their political enemies. They wanted to rule the world and saw themselves as the only dynasty worthy of such divine right. To keep the family pure, they often married within their family, which resulted in a very weak genetic pool and many mental and physical problems.

In this book, you will discover what the Habsburg jaw is, how one family envisioned the European Union, and how conservatism can ruin an empire. The story of the Habsburg family transcends the ages, and each member who once ruled was a unique persona, deserving of our attention.

The dynasty ruled the Holy Roman Empire for the longest, and even when they lost it, they were capable of founding their own: the Austrian Empire. However, like any other family, they had problems of their own, which led to intrigues, arguments, and splits. Learn how the Habsburg family divided and how they ruled Spain as well as central Europe until King Charles the Cursed died, leaving no heir.

And finally, this book will show you the truth behind the murder of Franz Ferdinand and the start of World War I, making you wonder if the Habsburg Empire ever had to end. What would the future of Europe be like if the nations were still united under one ruler? And is it possible for so many nations to share the same government, culture, and history?

Follow the Habsburgs through the centuries of their existence and discover:

  • Who were the Habsburgs, and where did they come from?
  • Personal traits of various Habsburg rulers
  • The family feuds and religious and national splits
  • The cultural influence of the Habsburgs on Europe
  • The governmental innovations of different Habsburg rulers
  • The enlightened rulers of central Europe
  • Maria Theresa, one of the strongest Habsburg rulers
  • How did the end of the Holy Roman Empire come about?
  • How did a Bosnian-Serb bring about the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
  • Where are the Habsburgs today?
  • And much more

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