The Transatlantic Slave Trade: A Captivating Guide to the Atlantic Slave Trade and Stories of the Slaves That Were Brought to the Americas (Hardcover)

The Transatlantic Slave Trade: A Captivating Guide to the Atlantic Slave Trade and Stories of the Slaves That Were Brought to the Americas By Captivating History Cover Image
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If you want to discover the captivating and cruel history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, then keep reading...

Did you know that during the 18th century on certain Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica and Antigua, roughly 90 percent of the population were enslaved? If you want to learn what led to this shocking turn of events, then you're in the right place.

This guide will take you on a journey across time, from the late 1400s to the very end of the 19th century, as well as across the globe, from Europe, across Africa, to the American continents. It will tell you the story of human greed and heartlessness toward fellow human beings, and it will lead you through the painful and often macabre voyage of the transatlantic slave trade. You'll learn how this deplorable act grew from its "humble" beginnings into one of the most lucrative businesses, in which human lives were nothing but a commodity before morality, along with other incentives, put a stop to it.

This book examines how this trade network expanded and evolved, so you'll also learn about the participants, both willing and unwilling. Through some of these tales, you'll get a step closer to understanding the true inhumanity of slavery, of the pain and suffering millions of innocent people went through in the name of profit and personal gain. Even more, this book will give you a perspective into the true scope of the commerce of human beings, as people today often fail to grasp what an enslaved person's life would have been like. Along with that, it will bring you aboard the so-called Middle Passage, where many of the enslaved lost their lives under conditions most of us today would deem unfit even for animals.

The transatlantic slave trade left deep scars on both sides of the ocean, and this book won't hide away from them. It will attempt to explore it for you, stepping through some of the darkest parts of our shared history without looking away. Though it may be angering or hard to read, it serves as a reminder of how vicious and monstrous people can be to each other while also inspiring you to be kinder to your fellow humans.

In this Captivating Guide to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, you'll learn some of these facts:

  • Why and how the slave trade began
  • Where most of the enslaved people came from and where most of them were shipped to
  • The European nations that participated in the slave trade
  • How the slave trade network grew and evolved through time
  • The role African nations played in trafficking their own neighbors
  • How the enslaved were treated and the suffering they went through
  • Who started the abolition of the slave trade and why
  • How long it took for the transatlantic slave trade to finally end
  • And more

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