Evolution Talk: The Who, What, Why, and How Behind the Oldest Story Ever Told (Paperback)

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Evolution helps us understand our humble place in the rich tapestry of life. But what do we know about the theory of evolution itself? In this captivating book based on his popular podcast, Rick Coste reveals how the theory of evolution came to be and how it explains the world around us. Before Charles Darwin, other luminaries planted the seeds of the theory that would one day make him famous. Evolution Talk begins by shining a spotlight on the writers, philosophers, and scientists who cultivated the concepts and speculations that blossomed into the theory of evolution by natural selection, from Aristotle's big ideas to a young fossil hunter named Mary Anning, whose discovery of the first ichthyosaur skeleton changed everything. After exploring the contributions of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, Evolution Talk investigates the very beginnings of life itself. From its genesis in a primordial pond to the endless and beautiful forms which emerged to populate our once inhospitable and barren little planet. Along the way, adaptations such as altruism, sexual selection, and the development of brains further pushed life along its amazing path to where it is today. Finally, Coste concludes by taking a step back to ask questions about how we as humans fit in, such as "Are we unique?" and "Are we still evolving?" Breaking down complex concepts with easy-to-follow language and engaging examples, Evolution Talk will educate and entertain any reader looking to learn more about the greatest idea ever.

About the Author

Rick Coste has written and produced 14 podcast series for a worldwide audience of over one million listeners. An avid reader, his lifelong love of science led him to write, produce, and host the popular science education show Evolution Talk. Coste's work as a writer and producer was featured in the nightly television series NH Chronicle (on ABC affiliate WMUR). For more information, visit EvolutionTalk.com.
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ISBN: 9781633888340
ISBN-10: 1633888347
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 258
Language: English