Securely Attached: Transform Your Attachment Patterns into Loving, Lasting Romantic Relationships ( A Guided Journal) (Attachment Nerd) (Paperback)

Securely Attached: Transform Your Attachment Patterns into Loving, Lasting Romantic Relationships ( A Guided Journal) (Attachment Nerd) By Eli Harwood Cover Image
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“A resource that every therapist, client, and person needs in their life.”
—Dr. Nicole LePera, New York Times-bestselling author of How to Do the Work and creator of @the.holistic.psychologist on Instagram

Unlock the key to deeply satisfying relationships and create the love you want with this fun and practical workbook from Eli Harwood, aka The Attachment Nerd. A licensed therapist and viral TikTok star, Harwood will help you navigate the path to an intimate, secure relationship with your sweetheart.

Grounded in attachment theory research, Securely Attached clearly and gently guides you in delving deeper and overcoming problematic patterns that are holding you back from getting—and keeping—the close, fulfilling relationship you want. 140 insightful prompts will help you:

• IDENTIFY YOUR ATTACHMENT PATTERNS. Understand which four categories inform your close relationships and why. 
• HEAL PAST WOUNDS. Reflect and process your unique attachment story for a perspective shift.
• DEVELOP TOOLS FOR GROWTH. Quizzes, exercises, and tips provide actionable steps to learning secure patterns.
• LOVE SECURELY. Find, build, and nurture healthy ways of loving—and being loved.

With this workbook, you will come to understand your attachment story and how to move forward into the kind of connection with loved ones you want now and in the future. Transform insecure attachment patterns and unlock the key to deeply satisfying relationships with this insightful journal. Securely Attached is your guide to creating the love you want now!

About the Author

ELI HARWOOD is a licensed therapist who lives in Colorado with her husband, Trevor, and their three children. Eli has been nerding out on attachment research for the past two decades and is on a mission to help make the world a better place, one relationship at a time. She continues this mission in her clinical work, her writing, and running her mouth about attachment on social media. 

Visit her at or you can follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook @attachmentnerd, where she has nearly a million followers.

Praise For…

Praise for Securely Attached
Securely Attached is a resource that every therapist, client, and person needs in their life. Eli hands us her clear knowledge of the attachment research in a way that is engaging, concise, and hopeful towards healing attachment wounds and learning how to cultivate secure bonds with the people who matter most in our lives.”
—Dr. Nicole LePera, New York Times-bestselling author of How to Do the Work

“Transforming our attachment patterns is a transformative journey, and Eli Harwood's book, Securely Attached, is a guiding light on this path of self-discovery and growth. With a blend of expertise, compassion, and personal experience, Eli empowers adults with insecure attachment styles to forge deeply satisfying and secure relationships.” 
—Jessica Baum, LMHC, author of Anxiously Attached: Becoming More Secure in Life and Love
“This visually engaging, humor-infused workbook guides insecurely attached readers on a journey of self-discovery. Harwood gently provides clear explanations of attachment-related concepts readers can apply to their lives through thought-provoking exercises. The result is an amazing opportunity to nurture secure attachment and enjoy emotionally intimate relationships.”
—Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD, author of Insecure in Love and Insecure in Love Workbook: Step-by-Step Guidance to Help You Overcome Anxious Attachment and Feel More Secure with Yourself and Your Partner
“You have decided to embark on a worthy and challenging endeavor by engaging this book. You’re in good hands! Eli is going to give you the brainy stuff of how early relationships create patterns in our lives. And who is Eli? Perhaps you have watched one of her TikTok videos, or read her Instagram posts. This I can promise you: she is not just an academic or clinical expert worthy of a follow on social media. She is your ally. She has lived what she has written in this book,  and she is cheering you on.”
­—Abby Wong-Heffter, LMHC, trauma and abuse therapist specializing in attachment theory
“An important, user-friendly guide to understanding and transforming attachment patterns.”
—Alan Sroufe, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota
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