Bratproofing Your Children: How to Raise Socially and Financially Responsible Kids (Paperback)

Bratproofing Your Children: How to Raise Socially and Financially Responsible Kids By Lewis D. Solomon, Janet Stern Solomon Cover Image


As a parent, you want your children to grow up to become self-motivated, financially savvy, contributing members of society who maintain a deeply satisfying adult life. This is why it is essential to “bratproof” your children against turning into spoiled, egotistical materialists who feel entitled to misbehave and take their lives for granted.

This book will help you raise emotionally healthy kids who will grow to become mature, well-rounded adults. Protect your children from the potentially negative influences of a life of privilege and blinding effects of America’s abject consumerism by instilling these seven positive character traits:

• High self-esteem
• Joy and optimism
• Serenity
• Hard work and thrift
• Loving kindness
• Forgiveness
• Integrity

These will help give your children a sense of purpose while providing direction and clarity to their lives. Instead of seeking guidance through wealth or a misplaced notion of superiority, your children will develop a strong “work ethic” centered on selflessness, sacrifice, and ambition.
This book offers simple, practical strategies you can integrate into daily parenting to help you effectively raise your child. A vital precept of this work is how to instill an obligation of financial responsibility in your son or daughter, and protecting your wealth from being decimated because they are unprepared for the financial realities of life. The book’s clear-cut analysis of the fundamentals of wealth transfer, discussion of the use of trusts, and detailed instruction regarding how to build a lasting legacy through charitable donations prepares you to discuss these complex topics with your advisors as well as your inheritors.
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ISBN: 9781620875766
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Publication Date: August 1st, 2013
Pages: 208
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