Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family: Healing Little Hurts and Booboos (Paperback)

Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family: Healing Little Hurts and Booboos By Laurie Zelinger Cover Image
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Baby Bandage and the First Aid family: Healing little Hurts and Booboos is an adorable, colorful, engaging, educational and universal book that captures the interest of young children, while using clever language that also appeals to adults. Children will:

  • Learn some basic first aid terms and the use of various pharmaceutical supplies to address minor injuries. A glossary is provided to support the storyline.
  • Experience a self-esteem boost in seeing that even small children can be given important jobs that help others.
  • Understand that they can manage short separations from their parents and still be all right.
  • Recognize that waiting for something they want can be difficult.

"Dr Zelinger's Baby Bandage is another must-have for parents, health professionals, educators, and all who love or care for children. Her endearing characters, engaging and age-appropriate story, and accompanying parent notes help to alleviate the anxiety and fear often associated with childhood injuries while reinforcing the family values of love, empathy, and resiliency." -- Darlene Glasser, RN, MSED, Retired school nurse

"I absolutely loved Baby Bandage Dr. Zelinger's characters and fun illustrations take the fear out of 'booboos' and all the things associated with them. In addition, her skillful storytelling weaves in essential lessons on confidence, patience, and recognizing the important roles we all play in this world. Baby Bandage is a wonderful resource for parents and educators alike. -- Linda Abraham MLS, Peninsula Public Library

"Dr. Zelinger creates a make-believe world where first aid remedies are personified. Through story and illustration, children enter this world and discover that bandages come in all sizes, colors, and shapes and have different and important roles. Young children love covering their ouchies; this story will hold their attention and teach them valuable lessons. As an early childhood educator and a grandma, I recommend Baby Bandage to encourage dialogue about little hurts and booboos." -- Barbara Alster, MS, early childhood education teacher

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Publication Date: March 16th, 2023
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